About us

Our mission: "To improve the health of children all over the world who are dealing with medical conditions by encouraging an understanding of what is happening inside of their bodies, how they can help themselves to feel better, and, fundamentally, to let them know that they are not alone."

Medikidz Foundation is a medical children’s charity set up by Medikidz Ltd, in order to help children in developing countries gain useful medical knowledge and access to vital supplies. Medikidz Ltd established the Foundation in order to redress the paucity of even the most basic medical information in developing countries across Africa, Asia, and other less fortunate parts of the world.

Medikidz’s graphic novels, such as ‘Medikidz Explain HIV’, ‘Medikidz Explain Tuberculosis’, and ‘Medikidz Explain Malaria’ are particularly relevant in the developing world, where such diseases spread devastatingly quickly due to a lack of understanding of how they can be prevented and treated. A proportion of the profits from Medikidz Ltd will contribute towards the distribution of these books into those less affluent countries, and eventually fund the establishment of medical clinics which will provide further information and support, as well as doing important work through the free treatment of various illnesses.

Who we are

Our trustees come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing experience, enthusiasm and dedication to Medikidz Foundation.

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What we do

Educating children about their health and providing access to vital medical supplies throughout the developing world.

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